1933 год

Мрачное воскресенье

Режё Шереша
Для меня эта история началась с Анджелины Джордан (Angelina Jordan). Чудной девочки из Норвегии.
Как обычно пролистывая свою ленту в фейсбуке у кого-то увидела ссылку и … пропала. Я вообще обожаю смотреть выступление малышни, но ни той когда мамы и папы разрисовывают свое чада в стиле «молодой проститутки».... а настоящих маленьких звездочек. И дай бог им не перегореть в нашем суровом и жестоком, взрослом мире.

Как только видео с выступлением этой девочки попало в сеть, оно мгновенно взорвало интернет. Восьмилетняя Анджелина исполнила песню Дины Вашингтон "What Для меня эта история началась с Анджелины Джордан (Angelina Jordan).Чудной девочки из Норвегии.A Difference A Day Makes".

Я же познакомилась с ней когда она пела "Gloomy Sunday"

And this is as fashionable as it gets for sport fans.


Grunge comes to the UK

Nirvana makes their famous Top of the Pops appearance
Nirvana does Top of the Pops performance, where, not allowed to play live, they just show off all over the place. And as the UK youth saw this happening, they did not exactly fall in love with Grunge, but rather got the idea for their own attitude of the next decade. "The Scene That Celebrates Itself", as they call it, was finding its way.


"Our current state sucks. Let's look for something interesting in the past. Let's pretend the past is still here."


First Acknowledgement

Suede make it to the magazine cover
It was this issue of the Select magazine that stated that Britpop is a thing. It featured Suede, The Auteurs, Denim, Saint Etienne and Pulp. No Blur and no Oasis yet.
Suede were one of the first bands to establish themselves in this new genre. They set the guidelines for everyone to follow. As the journalist
John Harris wrote, "If Britpop started anywhere, it was the deluge of acclaim that greeted Suede's first records: all of them audacious, successful and very, very British"


April 1994

Blur release their third studio album, Parklife

The singles include:

1. "Girls & Boys"
Released: 7 March 1994
2. "To the End"
Released: 30 May 1994
3. "Parklife"
Released: 22 August 1994
4. "End of a Century"
Released: 7 November 1994

"Blur went from being regarded as an alternative, left field arty band to this amazing new pop sensation"
— Graham Coxon, |Blur

August 1994

Oasis releases their debut album, Definitely Maybe

The singles include:

1. "Supersonic"
Released: 11 April 1994
2. "Shakermaker"
Released: 13 June 1994
3. "Live Forever"
Released: 8 August 1994
4. "Cigarettes & Alcohol"
Released: 10 October 1994
5. "Rock 'n' Roll Star"
Released: May 1995 (US radio single)
"We don't want to be an indie band from England who've had a couple of hits. We want to go on and be an important band and there's certain things you've got to do."
— Noel Gallagher, Oasis


Young British Artists

Damien Hirst gets Turner prize for a divided cow
The similar go-get-'em moods dominate the art scene. Young British Artists, led by Damien Hirst, are making art as outrageous as possible. In 1995, Hirst himself gets the Turner Prize (the most prestigious prize in Fine Arts) for "Mother and Child (Divided)" - the installation consisting of a cow and a calf, divided in halves and put in tanks of formaldehyte.
Sarah Lucas' Self Portrait and "I'm Desperate" by Gillian Wearing



The anthem on air

She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge
The song Common People released by Pulp in 1996 is voted a Britpop anthem. In a 2012 question and answer session on BBC Radio 5 Live Cocker said that he was having a conversation with the girl at the bar at [Central Saint Martins] college because he was attracted to her, although he found some aspects of her personality unpleasant. He remembered that at one point she had told him she "wanted to move to Hackney and live like 'the common people'"
Written by Natasha Savicheva
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